Active Ice® Spray Dr. Ritsert Print

Active ingredient

Active component:
1 can contains 100ml chloroethane (liquefied).

An anesthetic for local icing.

Not to be used when there is allergy against chloroethane. May not be sprayed onto broken skin.

Side effects
Active Ice® Spray Dr. Ritsert may give rise to allergic skin reactions. However, if properly applied, no side effects are known. If sprayed on for too long, the skin may freeze locally.

NB: Not to be used as a general anesthetic. Keep away from open flames. Take care when using on the head and throat areas to avoid chloroethane from being inhaled. Please refer to the instructions for use for further information.

Pack sizes and prices
100ml can, 5,80 Euro

PZN (Pharmaceutical Identification Number)
EAN (European Article Number) 4260018550997

Medical Device! Pharmacy-only product!




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Die POLYXAN® BLAU N Salbe heißt jetzt: POLYXAN® BLAU Creme!
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