Kamillen Bad (Bath Lotion) N Ritsert® Print

Active ingredient
Essential camomile oil

100g (=102ml) contain 125mg camomile oil

Other components
Caramel coloring E 150, poly(oxyethylene)-35-castor oil, ethanol 96%, potassium monohydrogen phosphate, purified water.

For baths and rinsings in cases of skin infection. For bacterial infections such as: follow-up treatment for open abscesses, lanced furuncles and infected wounds. For hip baths for anal infections, anal itching, post-operative treatment, relief of hemhorroidal pain, anal eczema and fissures, infection of the genitals and the post-operative treatment of vaginal wounds.

In cases of major skin wounds and acute or unclear skin conditions, infections involving fever, weak heart muscles and high blood pressure, full baths, independent of the components, should not be taken without consulting a physician.
Not to be used in over-sensitivity to any of the components.

If any side effects are noticed, a physician or pharmacist should be informed. Further information is contained in the instructions for use.

Pack sizes and prices
250ml bottles, 7,89 EUR

PZN (Pharmaceutical Identification Number): 07773395

EAN (European Article Number): 4260018553011

Pharmacy-only product!



Anaestherit 10% Salbe in Österreich erhältlich!
Die Salbe in der praktischen 20g-Tube ist in jeder Apotheke in Österreich erhältlich.
POLYXAN® BLAU N Salbe heißt jetzt: POLYXAN® BLAU Creme
Die POLYXAN® BLAU N Salbe heißt jetzt: POLYXAN® BLAU Creme!
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